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Tui Na

Tui-na is a Chinese massage modality that is not as well known in the United States when you compare it to deep tissue, Swedish, and sports massage. In China, it is a standard form of medical massage in Chinese medicine hospitals and can be used to treat specific medical issues like shoulder pain, lower back pain, and more.

The name Tui-na means to “push and grasp”, and the method works with the channels and principles of Chinese medicine by assisting the Qi of the body. The intention here is to unblock stiff muscles, sinews, and channels to restore efficient flow of Qi and blood. Often our posture, bad habits, stress, and tensions will block Qi and impact our physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Some techniques invigorate the body and others are relaxing. Tui-na does have common strokes in Swedish massage like kneading, rolling, gliding, and pulling.

In our sessions you can be fully clothed and just wear loose and comfortable clothes. Massage oil is not used; however, we might use an herbal liniment on neck, hands, and feet, or on painful and injured areas.

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