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Herbal Formulas

Herbal Formulas

The herbal formulas that we provide are made and distributed from Evergreen, which sells patented herbal formulas that can only be sold by licensed practitioners. Herbal formulas take on strategies to assist the patient in several ways.

We may choose a formula that may help you: sweat, for instance, if you notice a flu surfacing up, purge if you are constipated, harmonize if your balance of yin (body fluids) and yang (body heat) is off (excessive or deficient), or be warming if you are cold, clearing if blockages are causing the pain, dissolving if there are gallstones or kidney stones, or tonifying if you are weak and tired, etc. There are hundreds of formulas, and we can suggest a formula for you based on the pattern of imbalance.

The formulas use a combination of herbs. The formulas have a chief herb that is assisted by a secondary minister herb, some assistant herbs, and finally, an envoy herb. This method is used to balance the effect of the main or chief herb in the formula so that it is gentle, not too strong, yet therapeutic and effective. Other assistant herbs are also used to increase the desired effect.

Herbs are very safe and rarely have a negative side effect. They are basically dried leaves, stems, fruits, and roots grinded down into a powder and put into a capsule. This is much easier to consume than having to prepare the raw herbal tea that can take up to an hour to prepare and cook.

More information about the evergreen organization or the herbal formulas are also available upon request as well.

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